Escape Challenge Level 1 Walkthrough

By | June 28, 2013

For the first stage of this putsisgames puzzle game you will see the tutorial how to play and solve this room, but if you want to know more then look on this escape challenge level 1 walkthrough for step by step guide 🙂
you need to find key for your way out and there’s 1 puzzle to solve on the drawer !

click the bottom drawer, get a note with numbers : 2134
click top drawer, change the ** ** into 21 34 then tap the handle
take a flashlight


click the picture on the right wall
as you can see there’s a glowing item under the sofa
use the flashlight to see what item is that
it’s the key, grab it
select the key and tap the door to open

note :
so one thing that you need to watch out for this game, when you solve the puzzle.. you must click the “door” to open it
sometimes there’s no sound if you already have the correct numbers, items, etc.. so you must try to press the “door”

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