Escape Challenge Level 10 Walkthrough

By | July 16, 2013

1 brand new room for you to escape for this putsisgames game, and i think you will enjoy to solve the puzzle ! and if you need any help, just read endless challenge level 10 walkthrough to cheats how the puzzles works 🙂
4 puzzle you need to solve, 2 with numbers and the others just look for the hint 😛

here are the solution for escape challenge level 10 :

click on the left wall, you must find 2 symbols
look on the sewer, it’s the 1st one that you can get.. but you need a long object to reach it

let’s start by clicking the cabinet on the right
solve the green puzzle by connecting them into 1 complete picture
get a red string from the bear toy

click on the clock on the right cabinet door
remember where the clock’s hand stop :
top left : 2
top right : 4
bottom left : 7
bottom right : 9
get a can opener inside

tap on the left table and move the speaker until you can see a can
open it using can opener and get a red blue magnet
combine the magnet with red string

now you can click the sewer in the middle and reach the 1st symbol


for the 2nd symbol you can click the painting on left wall
remember the different red color
now press on the safe below it and put a circle on 5×5 square :
O x x x O
x O x O x
x x O x x
x x O x x
get the 2nd symbol inside


tap the left wall and put both symbol and get a yellow key

go to the 2nd room and look on 4 green symbols on the wall
flip your phone / device upside down and read half of each symbol
you will see 4 numbers : 1 3 7 2
change the **** into 1372 and open the small safe with key
now get a door key and exit !

proceed to escape challenge level 11

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