Escape Challenge Level 2 Walkthrough

By | June 28, 2013

Second solution guide for putsisgames game : escape challenge level 2 walkthrough where we will show you how to find the correct keys to open the door 😀
there are 2 puzzle on this stage, the number and shape on the left table drawer

get a green circle above the painting
place it on the table bottom drawer

click the clock above the door, it’s showing 02:35
press the table top drawer and change the **** into numbers
get a key inside


click the right cabinet and open it with the key
look on the top side and get the half circle shape behind the duck
look on middle side and use the hint from bottom side : 2 1 0 3 to click on the bar
go back and open the box, get a green square

back to the left table and place the rest shape on the bottom drawer
open and get the key, then open the door

proceed to escape challenge level 3