Escape Challenge Level 3 Walkthrough

By | June 29, 2013

There are 4 keys that you can get on this stage of putsisgames game, but to open the door you must find the one with the door color which is blue, escape challenge level 3 walkthrough will show you all the solution how to solve the puzzle
there’s only 1 puzzle for color and shape that you can solve for the key, the other one i think it’s not puzzle.. just a tool to figure out 😛

click right table, look on the scroll : 5 green
get the screwdriver
click the mac laptop and see 4 blue
click on the shelf and the snow globe for 3 yellow
click the plant for 2 red

look on the box on the left and change the * for each color :
5 2 4 3
open and get the gold key


click the egg decoration on top of the shelf
use screwdriver to open it and get a silver key

look on the hatch on the floor
use silver key to open it and get a bronze key

click the right cabinet and open with gold key
open the tube with bronze key and get a blue key then open the door

proceed to escape challenge level 4