Escape Challenge Level 4 Walkthrough

By | June 30, 2013

This time this putsisgames game will be more difficult because on this stage you got 3 side to explore ! the answer is inside the box near the bamboo on the right, can you open it ? follow escape challenge level 4 walkthrough for step by step solution guide 😀
to open the “box” you must fill in the triangle spot on the top side, there are 2 pieces missing.. so find them !

here are the cheats for escape challenge level 4 :

click the right plant behind the bamboo, get a cutter
go to right room tap on the box with numbers
change the *** into 168 then open the bottom box to get a usb flashdisk

click the shelf on the right and get a yellow triangle behind the green car
click the bottom plant on the left and plug in the flashdisk for the right pot
so you can open it and get a hook

go to left room and look under the table
place the hook and open the box to see a key
you can cut the wire with the cutter and earn the key


back to the plant on the middle room, this time tap on the left pot and use the key to open it
get another yellow triangle

click the plant behind the bamboo
place bot triangle on the spot so you can open the glass
get the remote

go to left room and look on the bottom left wall
there’s a small vent
use the remote on the black device, then get the key

use the key to open the door
proceed to escape challenge level 5

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