Escape Challenge Level 5 Walkthrough

By | July 1, 2013

On this stage of putsisgames game you will see 3 puzzle to solve : picture, symbol and **** numbers ! escape challenge level 5 walkthrough will give you the way out for each puzzle solver 😛
the first two puzzle quite easy, but for the numbers you must figure out the letters into numbers.. for the hint is to start with the same letters : V+V = 8

solution cheats for escape challenge level 5 :

click the left curtain to open and solve the puzzle picture
open, get the egg and remember the 2 symbol : 3 lines and circle

click the right skull head
change the eyes into 3 lines and circle, get a triangle key from mouth

click the yellow triangle on the right
use the key to open and get another egg


tap the left box
= 4987

figure out the numbers for each letters, here are the answers :
back and open the top side of the box to get the 3rd egg

click on the middle floor to put all 3 eggs
tap the lever so the table raise up and now you can get the key for the door
proceed to escape challenge level 6

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