Escape Challenge Level 6 Walkthrough

By | July 1, 2013

The door key is inside the treasure chest, in order to get the lock key you can find them inside the grey table at right room. We will show you the answer in escape challenge level 6 walkthrough how to open the grey table using 3 items 😀
this stage of putsisgames game have a lot of puzzle than the usual, so it might getting harder like the color for drawer on the right room ! but here are the challenge, just read the solution guide below if you want to pass quickly 😛

click under the table, tap the printer, tap the plate
get a red key

click the table under tv, open the drawer using this key
get a red pin and tv remote

click the box under table for notes with number : 3147

press the snail with many colors :
yellow to orange : 1 2 3
red to purple : 4 5 6
blue to green : 7 8 9 10
you only need to remember the numbers for 3147 !


go to right room and press the drawer
change the white color into : orange yellow red blue
tap the handle to open, get a jewel

tap the green hatch on wall near the snail
use the jewel as a handle to make it open
get a blue knob

click the plant near treasure chest on left
get a red knob

use the remote on the tv, you will see the monitor screen :
program is paused until : 9:3:12
remember the number

go to right room and click the grey table
put in the knob : blue on left red on right
tap the top side and put the red pin on the middle
change the clock hand into :
left : 9 (left)
middle : 3 (right)
right : 12 (up)

press the knob to get a key
click the treasure chest and open it to get red key
now you can open the door

proceed to escape challenge level 7

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