Escape Challenge Level 7 Walkthrough

By | July 1, 2013

The puzzle for this one is easier than the last one, you only need to find 2 knobs to get a key to open the cabinet on the left. With escape challenge level 7 walkthrough you will figure out how to solve all the puzzle game on this putsisgames stage 😛
it’s not too hard for the code, here’s the hint for the safe box :
D = alphabet 4
C = alphabet 3

click on the picture on right wall, remember the yellow circle position
tap on the hatch on floor near sofa and fix the circle like the painting
get a knob inside

click the small table with lamp on the corner
get another knob


press the left wall, there’s a small vent
put on the knobs on each side, and press the vent to get a screwdriver

click the drawer and use the screwdriver to fix the screws to open
get a key

click the left table, and open the right door with the key
there’s a safe with code : DD x C with 3 stars ***
the answer is 132
get a purple key inside

open the door with this key
proceed to escape challenge level 8

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