Escape Challenge Level 8 Walkthrough

By | July 1, 2013

On escape challenge level 8 walkthrough you will see how to solve 4 puzzles on each cabinet door ! and after you can open each door, get 4 shapes to turn on the ball and get your key out 🙂
i think the only puzzle that quite hard to solve is on the right cabinet, but when you understand how.. it’s will look so simple 😛 so read the solution cheats below to see the guide !

click on left cabinet
on the top drawer you can complete the lightning bolt circles
tap the handle to open and get a yellow star

on bottom drawer you can count how many side each shape have
the answer is : 3 2 1 5 4
tap the drawer to get an oval shape


click right cabinet
on top drawer there are 4 symbols with **** to enter
tilt your device to left so you can read the symbol as numbers
the answers : 5 4 8 3
open the handle to get red shape

on bottom drawer you can find 3 numbers : 135 180 45
make a degree for each clock :
left : 5 o’clock
middle : 6 o’clock
right : 1 o’clock
open the door to get a green shape

put all shape on the correct pot
click the middle ball to se a lightning
tap the top ceiling box to get a key

and finally open the door
proceed to escape challenge level 9

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