Escape Challenge Level 9 Walkthrough

By | June 29, 2013

It’s higher level but for this stage of putsisgames game It came out a bit too easy for level 9, but i hope you enjoy the endless challenge level 9 walkthrough how to get the key 😛
3 puzzles to solve, 2 on cabinet and 1 is for the key ! read the solution below if you stuck on the key 😀

click the bottom cabinet and find these shape and color :
Yellow triangle: on wooden plank
Red circle: board near water fountain
Blue square: next to statue in wall
Green pentagon: crocodile hole
now enter the color and get a bucket inside


look on the left crate, there are 4 numbers on it : 2131
change the **** into correct numbers on the top cabinet
get a wrench on top shelf
click the fountain left side and take off all 4 bolts using the wrench
get a green key

click the left cage, use green key to open
get a lever for the water fountain


put the lever on the water fountain
use the bucket to fill the bucket with water
click the wooden plank in the middle
press the bucket and the hole in the middle
fill in another 2 water and use it on the hole
you will get the key when the water rises
use the key to open the door

proceed to escape challenge level 10

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