Escape Genius Walkthrough Android

By | October 19, 2012

It’s android room escape game : escape genius walkthrough ! you must find some horses hint to escape the room

you can find a lot of puzzle, but don’t worry because we have the answer solution to help you solve with guide

here are the walkthrough for escape genius :
click left side of the sofa for the red pillow and get bolt cutter under it
and under the green pillow there’s a crowbar you can get
click right side of the sofa and get hammer under green pillow

using the hammer, break the horse porcelain on the table
get a yellow horse piece

now look for seahorse statue, use the boltcutter on the horse
get a tan horse piece

find a potted plant in the corner near sofa (you must facing the cabinets with golden horse)
and get a screwdriver

open the left cabinets
press the top left side
using the code on TV : 3592 you can take a knife

now open the right side, you need to change the colors like the horse portrait
click the squares 4x 3x 2x 1x and get a wrench

open the bottom left side, there are 6 patterns
using the hint from the wall, you need to press
the top row : 4x 3x 4x
for bottom row : 7x 6x 6x
get a screwdriver handle

and last, open the bottom right side
spell H O R S E and get a red horse piece

now move to the right cabinet
click the left side
press the triangle to flip and complete the picture
get a brown horse piece

click the golden horse on cabinet
use the wrench on it to get orange horse piece

combine the screwdriver + handle and use it on the exercise bike on the left corner
get a green horse piece

move to other room with TV and click the plant
use knife on plant and get a pink horse piece

go to left, where you can see the seahorse
click the horse back legs and use the crowbar
get a blue horse piece

now back to the cabinets and click the right one
drag all horse pieces into the spot and get the yellow key

now go to the door and use this key to open door !

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