Escape the Castle Walkthrough

By | June 26, 2013

There are 6 door that you can pass on this mobest media game, you’re on the castle and you need to figure your way out ! solve the puzzle and get the key, follow escape the castle walkthrough to easily find each of them 😀
you can’t move to another door before you solving the door that you stuck on 😛 so read all the solution below

click the statue on the left to move it, grab a thread
get the candle above the table drawer
use the thread on the right pole, take it then click it so you can burn it with candle
use the fire to light both candle on top
get the key inside drawer and open the 1st door, before you move on.. get the pot above the door

get the axe on the shield and break the wood that blocking the door
passing the 2nd door 🙂

click the statue’s wheel at the bottom, a water fountain will came out
use the pot to get a water from the fountain
click on the wood pile and drag one to the fireplace
use the pot to put out the fire, get the key from firewood and open the door

click the yellow puzzle picture with black line and fix it
get a yellow tool after you finish
go up and click on the torch with no fire on the right side
use the yellow tool on the torch and get a paper inside, it’s the part of ship painting
go downstairs and connect the painting, get the key
open the 4th door
get shovel, hammer and mace
click the barrel and use hammer to open the nails out
get a gold stamp

back to the torch, you can click the bottom wall
use the mace to break the stone, get ket and another gold stamp

go up and open the 5th door
use shovel on the sand and get a key

go out and open the cabinet on the right, click the blue book
get another gold stamp

go to the right and open the door, click on the bottom side of this chair
put all 3 stamps and get the golden key

open the last door and you’re finish 😀

video walkthrough

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