Escape The Mansion Cheats

By | February 27, 2014

New door escape that you can play from the creator of 100 doors ! The guide for 10 first room available below on escape the mansion cheats to help you pass every puzzle on each floor so you can proceed to the next nivel stage solutions !
Escape the Mansion android game app by Gipnetix LTD

escape the mansion level 1 walkthrough
get the crowbar on floor and use it to remove the planks on door

escape the mansion level 2 walkthrough
tap the picture repeatedly to get key and open door

escape the mansion level 3 walkthrough
don’t make the ball fall by tilting you phone to balance it

escape the mansion level 4 walkthrough
shake you phone to make the lamp fall, get the key and open door 4

escape the mansion level 5 walkthrough
make the block with key pass the hole on right


escape the mansion level 6 walkthrough
tap the ? book on top right and click the ball to open door

escape the mansion level 7 walkthrough
move the left block to left and right block to right

escape the mansion level 8 walkthrough
tap and hold the left wheel until the fence stop then continue to tap and hold the right wheel to open the gate

escape the mansion level 9 walkthrough
get the key behind left picture and under the bottom left tile, pick up the crowbar on right
use all items to open the locks on door

escape the mansion level 10 walkthrough
tap the square to connect the pipes from top left to the bottom right, becareful you have a limited time to finish this task

escape the mansion answers video guide :

proceed to nivel 11