Escape The Mansion Level 76 77 78 79 80 Cheat Solutions

By | April 15, 2014

Escape The Mansion Level 76 77 78 79 80 Cheat Solutions there no code numbers on these nivel but there are some puzzle that quite hard to solve 😛 so use our answers to reveal how to solve each puzzle that you stuck on these 5 stage !
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escape the mansion level 76 walkthrough
get the ring above door and connect it to the end of the rope
drag the rope down to the hook and get the key under the box
get the screwdriver and use it to open the frame on right wall
use the key to the keyhole

escape the mansion level 77 walkthrough
get the doll and dress
look on the board hint : circle with dot
tap the book and press all circle with dot in the middle
a bike will appear, use the dress and doll on it to open door


escape the mansion level 78 walkthrough
get all 3 gems and put it on the right slot with different combination :
Blue – Red – Green
Blue – Green – Red
Green – Blue – Red
Green – Red -Blue
now get all the stones on top and place it to the bowl
get all 3 stones and place it to the bowl too and the door will open

escape the mansion level 79 walkthrough
shake your phone to make the book appear, the clue is above the door
you need to open the book and turn the page into :
right 2x left right left, then shake your phone
you need to tap the same door square position like the book from top to bottom

escape the mansion level 80 walkthrough
start to place the ball from 4th row 2nd column then move it to :
left – down – right – up – left – up – right – up – right- down – left – down -right – down

escape the mansion niveau 76 77 78 79 80 answers video guide :

proceed to nivel 81