Escape the Titanic Walkthrough Devious Escape Puzzler

By | July 5, 2013

A devious escape puzzler game to escape from the big ship and stay alive By FreshGames, LLC ! there are a lot of puzzle challenges you need to solve, that’s why we have escape the titanic walkthrough so you can see how to pass them one by one
there are some difficult level like the service tunnel, life jacket where you must fill the flotation device so are you clever enough to solve all the puzzles ?

edit : We had to remove escape the titanic cheats for each level due to copyright issue, if you need help with any level comment below.


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  • Sydney

    I don’t know how to open the door in the drowning level! In the level where the water rises, and you have to smash the glass to get that gun and stuff. How do I beat it??

  • Cami

    Help!! I can’t get past the level after you fix the gate an then have to put the lock combo please help I’ve been on it it forever i already know the first number is 25 but when I try to turn it, it goes away and I have to do it again please help!!!!

  • Lars s

    The lifeboats: you have to reel them at the perfect speed, not to fast or slow and when the lifeboat in the back has tension slow down, and if the front ones has tension speed up

  • Maddie

    How do you get past the part where it says, “So Cold”?

  • Kjiggity

    When you are shooting at the boat, it’s a flare- so you have to shoot a little ahead and let the ball of fire fall on the boat.
    Good luck!

  • Kay

    How do I open the door hindges imon the service tunnel?

  • lydiaaaa

    HOW DO I PASS THE LEVEL WITH THE FIRE HALLWAY?? IT KEEPS SAYING “ouch that’s hot!” and telling me to START OVER! -__-

  • kyra

    how do u get the boat with the SOS signal help how to signal the boat

  • Jordan

    how do you get past the door with the combination lock on it and its on the deck????

  • Jordan

    now I just can’t get the SOS call. I got last it all except the north and south part I need to numbers to the north and south

  • Megan

    How do I get past the room with the coming out of the wall

  • John

    how do u get the coat from the guy after u sign te paper

  • lydiaa

    how do you get passed that hallway with fire and there’s four doors but they’re all locked.. what do I have to do?.. is there a lock or something or a key???

  • Becki

    How on earth do you get past level 26. I can’t lower the boats. I’ve read alot of answers people have said above but I still can’t do it. Help!

  • Jordan

    how do I pass the SOS call. I got everything but the north and west numbers what do I put in for those???

  • lalaloopsie

    Finally finished
    with the S.O.S light you need to put in …—…

  • Jeremy Haar

    How do you do the catwalk?

  • Nat

    What do I do after I break the emergency glass? The room fills up with water and all I have is what looks like a screw and a gun?

  • Alyce

    HELP! I can’t get past the level where you get the flare Hun and a screw! I try to pinch the screws on the door but nothing works 🙁

  • Kyle

    I need held can not get past the part with the cargo and the rope the rope just keeps snapping

  • Ellen

    When ever I get near the end of the catwalk it tips too much that I can’t stop it! It’s not possible.

  • Jessica

    I can not figure how to get the wires on the car to work pls help

  • Nicole

    On a iPad how do I get passed level 32 it won’t let me blow up the air vest and air gauge thingy please help

  • Jade

    How do you get passed the pulleys with the boxes? Rope keeps breaking

  • Rob

    How do u open service tunnel door

  • Natasha

    Um the numbers for the car…

  • Natasha

    You have to blow into the mic

  • Hanna

    How do you get past the part where you are freezing I passed blowing it up an getting it now how do I warm up

  • Joshua

    I’m stuck on the car

  • vicky

    while solving combination lock , when i moved it around a number lights up of still im unable to pull the lock plz help

  • Shimoli

    How do you do the catwalk across the water? I need help!!!!!

  • Shimoli

    I keep falling on the catwalk

  • jen

    how do I get past the gate with the lock on when ive went up the ladders?

  • Kayleigh

    How do I open the combination lock?

  • Katherine

    Answer from: Krys If you are using an iPad at the top between the on button and the headphones port is a tiny little hole which is the speaker. Blow into this.

  • Shimoli

    Someone please help me with the catwalk!!!!

  • Gavin

    How do u get past the engine room