Facebook Lens Flare Cool Trick

By | May 10, 2009

I found this lens flare cool trick in facebook, you should try it 🙂

First go to the homepage (facebook.com)
next just click the facebook background

then press this on your keyboard :
up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, b, a, enter


now try click.. you should have something like this

just for fun 😛

now try to type something to get more cool effect 😛

This code that you just press is known as Konami Code
The Konami Code, known in Japan as the Konami Command (コナミコマンド Konami Komando), is a cheat code that appears in many Konami video games. The code also appears in some non-Konami games. The code was first used in the 1986 release of Gradius for the Nintendo Entertainment System but was made famous in North America in the NES version of Contra, for which it was also dubbed the “30 Lives Code”.

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