Factory96 Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough

By | April 15, 2013

Experience some new different floor escape game by virtual vinyl, llc by finding 3 digit of numbers foe each door, if you need any help just take a look on factory96 level 31 32 33 34 35 walkthrough below !

We will give you the hint, and expanation why and how to solve each puzzle code

cheats for factory 96 solutions :

factory96 level 31 walkthrough
click the paint brush and the can in these order :
black + wall
blue + wall
red + wall
yellow + wall
green + wall
you see the picture on wall ? it’s james bond, so enter 007 for the answer

factory96 level 32 walkthrough
get the hammer on wall and use it to break the fusebox
turn on the lights to see tips on wall: 2-8
swipe the top right wall to see another hint : 3-4
tilt your phone / device to left and see the clue on box : 1-1
order the numbers and you will get 184

factory96 level 33 walkthrough
press all 5 buttons to hear sounds
3 bells are high pitched
2 bells are lower pitched
order the numbers from high pitch : 4 1 9


factory96 level 34 walkthrough
use the hammer and break the white square on wall 2x
get the sandbag and use it on the hook
wait for water to drain, and it will reveal the numbers on floor
the pass code is : 924

factory96 level 35 walkthrough
coming soon