Fan Cow FarmVille

By | April 21, 2010

Fan Cow FarmVille ! you can see this special cow on farmville market 🙂

locked farmville fan cow

only fans of cows are eligible to purchase this special animal. The more fans, the cheaper it will become.
At 3.000.000 fans, the cow will be available for coins !

The Cows were victorious in the Battle of the Barnyard ! As promised, a new Cow is now available in the Market for users who are Fans of the FarmVille Cows Fan Page.

The Fan Cow can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash from the Market.

The more fans the Cows get, the cheaper the cow will become! If the Cows manage to get 3 million fans, the cow will be released for coins !

how to unlocked the fan cow on farmville ?
to unlock fan cow you will need to become fan for the cow fan page. If you wish to become a fan of the FarmVille cows to gain access to the new bovine, click FarmVille Cows Fan Page

i already become a fan for the cows but why it still locked ?
please note that it may take up to 24 hours after you become a fan for the cow to be unlocked in the market.

what do you harvest from fan cow in farmville ?
you can harvest fan cow every day for peaches and cream that can be sold for 60 coins

and if you put the fan cow to dairy farm with a bull in it , then when the dairy farm ready to harvest it can produce fan cow calf 🙂

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