Farm Estate Expansion Farmville TBD

By | December 4, 2010

Farm Estate Expansion Farmville TBD ? Expand your farm! Looking to add more splendor to you farm with all seasonal assets but need more space?

farmville farm estate expansion tbd

Worry not Farmers! The 28 x 28 Farm Expansion has arrived! Expand your Farm TODAY!

as you can see you can only buy the 28×28 expansion for 120 farm cash, and the coins is still TBD and locked

what is tbd in farmville ?
TBD stands for To Be Determined, in other words.. they will think of the price later

i guess zynga still want the players spend a lot of cash for expansion, because some of us already have no room left to put any new decorations or building ;P

maybe we can purchase the farm estate expansion next year with coins for a quest reward ?

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