Farmer’s Market Bushels FarmVille

By | April 26, 2010

Farmer’s Market Bushels FarmVille ! as you know the farmers market is coming soon on farmville


and the farmville farmer’s market will need bushel and crafting cottages to make some boost 🙂

Here’s how farmer’s market works in farmville :
1. Find bushels
Find perfect bushels while harvesting your crops

2. Trade with friends
Set up stalls to trade bushels with your neighbors

3. Craft goods
Create goods by combining your bushels

4. Reap the rewards
Get and use goods for helpful boosts


what is bushel on farmville ? how to get bushels ?
i think we need to get crop mastery first and then i guess premium crops will give bushels when we harvest them, just like getting Perfect Bunches from flowers.

then we can post it to facebook wall and our neighbors can get it, so if we already get the bushels we need crafting cottages (perfumery, winery, bakery, fuel workshop) to produce perfume, wine, pastries or fuel.

and we can use those items for ourself 🙂 well just my guess okay..

just wait for the new feature – farmer’s market soon !

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