FarmVille 25 Farm Cash

By | May 24, 2010

FarmVille 25 Farm Cash ! Free 25 farm cash from installing farmville toolbar 🙂

As a thank you to for giving the FarmVille Game Bar a try, farmville giving out a special gift!

Now when you install the our Game Bar, you’ll be able to receive 25 Farm Cash! If you don’t already have the Game Bar installed, you’ll see the following page the next time you log in:

Clicking the Install button will take you to page with instructions on how to add the Game Bar to your browser. Note: the Game Bar only works with Firefox at this time.

Once you have the Game Bar installed, the next time that you enter FarmVille and have the Game Bar turned on (the FarmVille Game Bar can turned on and off by expanding the ‘View’ menu in your browser, then selecting Zynga Game Bar from the ‘Toolbars’ menu) you’ll receive a message letting you know that your Farm Cash is in your Gift Box.
thanks for installing the farmville game bar ! find your 25 free cash in your gift box.

The 25 Farm Cash in your Gift Box can be redeemed simply by clicking the Use button.

If you already have the Game Bar installed in your browser, you’ll also see the page above if you have not already received your free prize. You do not need to install the Game Bar again. Simply click Skip or the Play button from the navigation bar at the top of the FarmVille screen.

Once you turn on or refresh the Game Bar, you’ll receive a message letting you know that your Farm Cash is waiting for your in your Gift Box.

Note: In order to receive your prize, you must have the FarmVille Game Bar turned on. You may have to wait up to three minutes for the appropriate message to appear.

If you have the Game Bar turned on, and have not received the message or 25 Farm Cash, you may need to refresh the Game Bar. You may do so by selecting the ‘Refresh Toolbar’ option from the Zynga menu on the left side of the Tool Bar.

You may also modify your Game Bar settings from the Toolbar Setting option from this menu. If you’ve already received your Farm Cash gift once, you can’t get it again.

Also, if you have not installed the Game Bar and decide to skip the installation at the start-up screen, you can install it later at any time to receive the gift.

some player already installed the toolbar but not receiving 25 farm cash in the gift box, they need to use this link to install farmville toolbar for free 25 farm cash :

and also some players can get toggenburg goat on farmville using this link :

get farmville togggenburg goat or free 25 farm cash from now guys 🙂

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  • maryjè palumbo

    25 farm cash

  • Colleen

    I love to play the FarmVille .I think is a great,

  • Krystee Anselmo-Wright

    Loving the free cash.

  • Carlton Lee

    it’s a great tool saves time to get things done.

  • sandy freeman

    every since I installed the toolbar I havent been able to open the zynga message center on farmville . all the other gamesstillopen properly just not farmville so it must be the toolbar. how do i UNINSTALL it

  • Vicky J Turner

    please remove the tool bar, I do not like and am being accused of using it to cheat. You need to give us an easier place to unsubscribe or at least tell us how to eliminate it. Thank you

  • cuatefonseca


  • Kim Carver

    I downloaded the toolbar and did not get my $25 in farmville cash. I love the game and I am very upset. I am going to stop playing and so will my friends!!!

  • gerald schake


  • atef


  • Carol aagostini

    I hope this request goes threw.

  • ilu

    It worked!

  • bryan

    um i downloaded the toolbar and never got the 25fv cash does anybody know why

  • Martha Rigó

    Good afternoon, I played every game before the deadline, I garden, but have not received my duck.
    And if you can, Make Hungarian flag. Thanks
    Martha Thrush

  • shikha gupta

    hy i only get 10 fv bt it was writen that 25 fv will b given , if we download the tool bar ..
    y u cheat on people …. it iz very sad ..

  • yoru

    i didnot get any farmville cash…

  • Kika

    my comp is blockd by family safety how do I do it!

  • Irene Ross

    hi, just a wee note to say i installed the tool bar months ago and now i’ve lost it, its turned russian, and its nowt to do with farmville on it, so ive turned it off until it gets fixed, thanks

  • siddh

    i want 25 free farmcash

  • Caoimheryan

    hi farmville
    I love the game but all my animals are all gone could you help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!

  • Goldie Hitlaw

    Why didnt i get a turkey roost and some people did Thats not fair

  • Aaqib hussain

    hey i need 25 farmville cash plz

  • Rohit

    Hey you get only 10 farm cash

  • pfarrell

    having problems getting my farmville to connect says it done what is going on love that game on it everyday help

  • jenn tirone

    did the candycane sheep aready leave the market? i want it reaaly bad,
    also we need to exspand the pig barn big time i could fill 2 rite now and am always gettn pigs. what am i suppost to do w them all? plz help thnks

  • deana gibson

    where is the candycane arches

  • kemo

    I love farm ville very much it is my best game and i wish that farm ville give me 25 farm cash

  • Rishabh Verma

    I love farm ville very much it is my best game and i wish that farm ville give me 25 farm cash



  • sinpauk

    I like this

  • Mauro mafla

    q genial q es cityville son lo mejor

  • Abhishek

    I didnt get it 🙁

  • Azmi

    i didn’t get the farmcash!!! please help me! i refreshed the toolbar 5 time… but i still didn’t get anything…! this sucks!