FarmVille 26×26 Expansion Grand Planation

By | July 7, 2010

FarmVille 26×26 Expansion Grand Planation ! the new expansion is now available 🙂

Farmville Grand Planation
26×26 Expansion on farmville’

Upgrade your farm to the sizable grand plantation ! Farmville is hard work rolling all this new space out to every farmer so keep your eyes on the market for your chance to upgrade !

How to get 26×26 expansion – grand planation in farmville ?
This expansion is currently only available to a certain percentage of users, farmville will slowly be rolling out this feature to all of our players over the next couple of days.

The newest 26 x 26 Expansion can be purchased with Coins or Farm Cash.
– If you wish to purchase the 26 x 26 with coins, you must add 5 new Neighbors (Unless you are already at the limit of 300). You must also have a minimum of 35 Neighbors to purchase grand planation expansion. If you meet both of the above requirements, you can expand your land for 2,000,000 Coins.

-Or you can purchase the 26 x 26 Land Expansion with 80 Farm Cash.

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  • rana

    hi my upgration is not available but my bro got it how come?could u plz send me 26×26 coz i can’t upgrade it?

  • hope

    i thought i was going to get 500 fv cash

  • Almeda Ginn

    Please send me the 26×26 expansion. Thanks

  • peach tanaka

    hi dont know how to purchase and expand,,but ineed to help everyone,,please send me 26×26 for expantion please