Farmville A Bird in the Hand Quest Take An Animal Tour of Jade Falls

By | July 30, 2012

Take an animal tour of jade falls with hiro in farmville a bird in the hand quest !

there are 6 part of this jade falls chapter 9 missions

here are the new goal reward you can get :
Asian Fairy Bluebird, Kunekune Pig, Gaur
Asian Black Bear Cub, Asian Black Bear, Kabardin Horse

walkthrough guide :
goal 1: Farmville A Bird in the Hand Quest
Get 6 Binoculars
Harvest 25 Lotus
Make 2 Egg Rolls

goal 2: Farmville The Tanuki Quest
Get 8 Zoologist Hats
Harvest 10 Grouper
Make 3 Bao

goal 3: Farmville Don’t Buffalo Me Quest
Get 8 Canteens
Harvest 30 Sichuan Pepper
Harvest Fairy Bluebird Twice

goal 4: Farmville Baby Bear Quest
Get 8 Baby Bear Bottles
Harvest 30 Imperial Tea
Make 4 Bibimbap

goal 5: Farmville Bear Tracks Quest
Get 9 Bear Tracks
Harvest 35 Lowland Ginger
Improve Imperial Ship to Stage 3

goal 6: Farmville Horse Around Quest
Get 10 sets of Camouflage
Master Fairy Bluebird to 1-Star
Make 4 Thai Tea

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