FarmVille A Pointed Task Quest Catch Halloween Monsters

By | October 4, 2012

Catch Halloween Monsters with Vampire Girl in farmville a pointed task quest !

here are the rewards for these missions :
Spiky Monster, Unwither, Eyestalk Monster, Turbo Charger, Goo Monster, Mystery Dart, Grabby Monster, Tall Monster, Furry Monster

Monster Catcher walkthrough guide :

goal 1: FarmVille A Pointed Task Quest
Ask friends for 6 Monster Bait
Harvest 50 Aloe Vera
Harvest Zoo 2 Times

goal 2: FarmVille Nothing but Net Quest
Ask friends for 7 Monster Nets
Harvest 75 Pumpkins
Harvest Spiky Monster Twice
Rewards: 1 150 xp, 3000 coins

goal 3: FarmVille Chow Time Quest
Ask friends for 8 Monster Chow
Harvest 100 Tomatoes
Harvest Pet Run 2 Times

goal 4: FarmVille Collar Me Surprised Quest
Ask friends for 9 Monster Collars
Harvest 125 Peppers
Master Spiky Monster 1-star

goal 5: FarmVille Tag It Quest
Ask friends for 9 Monster Tags
Harvest 150 Peanuts
Harvest Eyestalk Monster 2 Times

goal 6: FarmVille A Tight Leash Quest
Ask friends for 9 Monster Leashes
Harvest 150 Rice
Harvest a Horse Paddock 2 Times

goal 7: FarmVille The Brush Off Quest
Ask friends for 10 Monster Brushes
Harvest 150 Dandelions
Master Eyestalk Monster 1-star

goal 8: FarmVille Sweet Nightmares Quest
Ask friends for 11 Monster Beds
Harvest 150 Sunflowers
Harvest Grabby Monster 2 Times

goal 9: FarmVille A Furry Monster Quest
Ask friends for 12 Monster Blankies
Harvest 200 Broccoli
Master Grabby Monster 1-star

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