Farmville A Suitor Comes A Callin Quest

By | January 20, 2011

Farmville A Suitor Comes A Callin Quest ! the second valentine’s day quest in farmville 🙂

farmville white ram
a suitor comes a-callin in farmville

my, that’s a handsome ram ! now that my sheep is in the mood for love, what can we do to help her get his attention ?

for this white ram quest you need to :
get 6 chocolates – maybe he’s got a sweet tooth ? ask your friends to share some chocolates with you
place 4 parts in cupid’s castle
harvest 100 red tulips – nothing says love like beautiful red…tulips !

reward : 250 XP + 5000 coins + 1 white ram

all that hard work paid off, we managed to help my sheep catch that ram’s eye ! share a white ram with your friends to celebrate !

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  • melissa Delong

    I completed step one of the cupid house but it never went to a goal 2. Is there a glitch to why it wont show up?

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  • Guillaume

    I have chocolate but it is not note in the quest liste. Why?