Farmville Alarming Acorns Quests Mac Magical Tree

By | April 11, 2012

Help mac learn about your magical trees start with farmville alarming acorns quests !

mac the arborist’s adventure will visiting your farm and study about tree planting, so you need to prepare some things for him !

missions rewards :
Spotted Owl, Unwither, Bristlecone Pine, Young Sequoia Tree
Turbo Charger, Tree Kangaroo, Tree Sloth, XP Book, Basket Tree

here are the goals requirements :

goal 1: Alarming Acorns Quest
Ask friends for 4 Acorns
Harvest 50 Pumpkin
Harvest 2 Aviaries

goal 2: Tree Time Quest
Ask friends for 6 Leaves
Harvest 75 Wheat
Harvest the Spotted Owl 1 time

goal 3: Forever Foliage Quest
Ask friends for 8 Bark Samples
Harvest 100 Squash
Harvest 2 Orchards

goal 4: Sappy Sapling Quest
Ask friends for 8 Tree Photographs
Harvest 120 Rhubarb
Harvest the Bristlecone Pine 1 time

goal 5: Sedated Soil Quest
Ask friends for 8 Soil Samples
Harvest 150 Golden Poppies
Harvest The Young Sequoia 1 time

goal 6: Seed Search Quest
Ask friends for 8 Tree Seeds
Harvest 180 Peppers
Master The Spotted Owl to 1 star

goal 7: Forever Fertilizer Quest
Ask friends for 9 Organic Fertilizer
Harvest 200 Morning Glory
Harvest the Tree Kangaroo Twice

goal 8: Tricky Trees Quest
Ask friends for 10 Volunteers
Harvest 220 Pink Roses
Harvest the Tree Sloth Twice

goal 9: Messy Mulch Quest
Ask friends for 12 Bags of Mulch
Harvest 250 Grapes
Master the Tree Kangaroo

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