FarmVille Alien Decorations Crashed UFO Crop Circles

By | November 4, 2009

FarmVille New Alien Decorations : Crashed UFO, Crop Circles and Green Cow (BOV1NE-9) Alien 😀

Here’s what zynga team said about thie new alien decoration in farmville :
“We all know that milk does a body good, right? Now, can you imagine the effects of Milktonium?

The FarmVille market has been invaded by some items that are truly out of this world, including a crashed UFO, crop circles, and a visitor named BOV1NE-9.

Along with these galactic guests there are a few new giftable items you may want to check out. ”

So remember, these items are limited 🙂 so if you want to buy them just remember the time left for each items 😀

Okay now let’s go to the market an see those alien decoration items :
a Crashed UFO
ROS-1947, Farm Cash only 🙁

FarmVille Crop Circles :
There are 4 Crop Circles for coins : Crop Circle I,II,III and IV
and 2 crop circles for farm cash : Crop Cow and Crop Duck
Crop circles take up a 3×3 spot. Way too big !! i wonder when the new FarmVille Expansion will released ?

And looks like there’s already some farmville players that bought all farmville circle crops coins 😛

So cool !!! but still.. too many spaces for crops gone T__T

And also there’re a new free gift in farmville for your neighbors 🙂
Red Gazing Ball and Bird Bath

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  • naomi pannell

    please inform me how i can get a crop circle?

  • clarisse sink

    please inform me how i can get a crop circle thanks!!!