Farmville All Aboard Quests Take A Tour Boat Around Hawaii

By | April 12, 2012

Get ready for hawaiian adventure on Hawaiian paradise chapter 5 start with farmville all aboard quests !

there are 2 stories, where the first one is about a skipper who runs a boat tour around the island with a tiny ship S.S. Guppy and second is about paniolo the cowboys of hawaii that taking care of the cattle and horses on ranches

missions rewards :
S.S. Guppy, Shark Cage, Scuba Diver, Leopard Shark, Whitetip Shark
farmville-get ready-for-hawaiian adventure-missions
Blue Marlin, Mini Apaloosa, Hawaii Paniolo, Ranch Sign, Ranch Bunk House, ATV Pigs, Friesian Horse

requirements guide for goals :

goal 1: All Aboard Quest
Get 4 Life Preservers
Harvest 25 Mussels
Harvest 60 Hilo Pineapples

goal 2: Reef Madness Quest
Get 6 Reef Maps
Harvest 30 Kelp
Make Pineapple Hash Recipe 4 Times

goal 3: A Bit Crabby Quest
Get 8 Shark Suits
Harvest 45 Rock Crab
Harvest 45 Oyster Beds

goal 4: Swimming With Sharks Quest
Get 8 Chum Buckets
Harvest 50 Shrimp
Make Seaweed Soup 4 Times

goal 5: Showoff Sharks Quest
Get 8 Aqua Cameras
Harvest 60 Yellowfin Tuna
Harvest 1 Leopard Shark

goal 6: Fish Spotting Quest
Get 8 Telephoto Lenses
Harvest 65 Ono
Improve Volcano Reef to Level 6

goal 7: I wanna be a Paniolo Quest
Get 8 Paniolo Boots
Harvest 140 Taro
Complete 1 Island Paddock

goal 8: Dressing Ranch Quest
Get 8 Paniolo Hats
Harvest 1 Mini Apaloosa
Make the Hawaiian Kabob Recipe 4 Times

goal 9: A Working Ranch Quest
Get 8 Tropical Paints
Harvest 130 Yams
Harvest 1 Mini Apaloosa

goal 10: Roundup Quest
Get 9 Paniolo Lassos
Complete 1 Island Pasture
Make Yam Fries Recipe 4 Times

goal 11: Ride the Ranch Quest
Get 10 Riding Helmets
Harvest 145 Kona Coffee
Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Mini Apaloosa

goal 12: Horse Around Quest
Requirements: Get 12 Sugarcubes
Harvest 195 Golden Sugar Cane
Make 4 Coffees and Creams

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