FarmVille Alpaca – White Llama

By | December 30, 2009

FarmVille Alpaca – White Llama 🙂 a new animal on farmville ! but still.. not a dog 🙁


well i know alpaca is different than Llama. Llama is bigger in size and have floppy ears, not pointy like the Alpaca but still.. many player called this animal llama 😛 maybe the real llama will come out soon on farmville ?

How to get alpaca – white llama on farmville ?
for now you can only get alpaca from light blue mystery box with a pink ribbon 🙂 Yeah.. a special animal in mystery box again, just like grey goose on farmville.


What do you harvest from alpaca – white llama on farmville ?
alpaca – white llama will produce….

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  • Tyler

    I have one!! it took me over a 100 farmcash but i got it!! hehe.. im a nerd..

  • twinkle

    Tyler… How to get more cash on farmville I only get 1 FV cash when i get level up. Pleas help me..

  • alpacas rock

    u have 2 buy it with real money! duh!!!!!!

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