FarmVille Ask For Gold Reward Bonus

By | March 9, 2010

Ask For Gold Reward Bonus 🙂 one of the way how to collect gold faster for pot of gold farmville is by ask for gold 😀


you can do this by clicking your pot of gold, look at the top left and you should see “ask for gold” button.. click it

and you will see this pop up :
You can ask your friends to send you gold ! friends who respond will also get a small bonus !

Click ‘Ask them!’ to choose which friends to ask!


now you’ll need to choose which friends to ask for gold.

and for your friends who send gold to you, can select the reward for different type of gold they wanna send 😛


Gold Nugget – Small Can of Fuel
Gold Coin – Mystery Gift
Gold Bar – 20 Free XP
Gold Bear – 1000 Free Coins
Gold Chain – Green Fence

not bad for rewards right ? go asked your friends now to collect a lot of gold for farmville pot of gold. And redeem pot of gold with the items you want 🙂

collect a lot of gold, because the last three pot of gold redeem items will need many gold 😀

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