Farmville Atlantis Expansion

By | December 3, 2012

What do you think about farming underwater? because farmville is preparing for a new atlantis themed farm for the next expansion !

farmville atlantis expansion is coming ! and if you following the farmville facebook fan page, there’s a survey for this feature 🙂 you can join to fill in the atlantis survey with 5 questions

here are the question :
1. Are you interested having an Atlantis-themed farm for FarmVille’s next expansion?
2. Would you like to see all types of animals (not just water animals) on this farm?
3. Would you like to see all types of trees on this farm?
4. Would you like to see all types of crops (not just water crops) on this farm?
5. Let us know what else you would like to see on this underwater-themed expansion?

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