FarmVille Baby Calf – How To Get Colored Calfs

By | December 10, 2009

FarmVille Baby Calf – How To Get Colored Calfs ? as i told you in farmville bull, there are baby calfs on farmville 🙂


So how to get colored baby calf ?
First you will need to find bull on farmville facebook news feed and dairy farm 🙂

place the bull on dairy farm with other cows (white cow, brown cow, pink cow or green cow) and then you have a chance of receiving a baby calf when collecting milk from your dairy farm 😀

It will post on the facebook news feed and you can share it for your friends to adopt the baby calf.

There are 4 colored baby calf that you can have / adopted :
White baby calf
Brown baby calf
Pink baby calf
Green baby calf

What do you harvest from baby calf ?
you can brush calf for 80 coins in 1 day from baby calf.

Remember that the color of the Baby Calf you receive is also determined by the color of the cows contained in your Dairy Farm when you collect milk.

For example, if you have 15 Pink Cows, you have a higher chance of receiving a Pink Baby Calf when collecting Milk 😛

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  • hgjhg

    Wow, you don’t even get to keep them once you find them.

  • Brianandaya

    True,But If You Tell Your Friends Or Use Another Account Then You Will Be Successful

    I Have A Baby Calf

    And I Used My Other Account

    Although It’s Ordinary Because I Have More Ordinary Cows On My Dairy Farm 🙁

  • gonzalo

    I have all the species on farmville (including calfs) im level 42 (max level) my farm is very cool.I find 3 baby calfs per hour because i have 18 Dairy Farms.So BE JELOUS HAHA.

  • leanne

    When are we going to be able to extend farms i have got the top farm at the moment but the 24×24 says coming soon, how much longer do we have to wait does anyone know???

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  • Estelle

    I want to hace green calf, please be my neighbors :

  • Kaki x

    The cows I have, have had no calfs yet and I really want them to, just typical. lol

  • sarina

    i really want a green calf and a pink baby calf

  • andrew

    I want a bull

  • Courtney

    Whenever i have a baby calf, i can’t even keep it. i DO have another account, but its not as cool as my original farm. How come my stupid friends get everything?

  • goose

    i put a bull in my dairy farm & i had a one calf the next day but that was a month ago & i havent had any more calves. why not?