FarmVille Baby Turkey

By | November 11, 2009

FarmVille Baby Turkey 🙂 A new animal and it’s limited, i guess this baby turkey is for thanksgiving in farmville 😀

Cute baby Turkey ^__^

But too bad you must buy baby turkey with farmville cash 🙁 and because it’s limited, it’s only available for 20 days in the market.

What do you harvest from baby turkey ?
after 3 days the baby turkey will transformed into an adult turkey (male).

to transform baby turkey just click “Transform !”
see ? it’s different with wild turkey (female) the lost animal that you can adopted.
You can harvest the transformed turkey feathers in 2 days with 125 coins profit 🙂

How to get baby turkey in farmville ?
you can buy baby turkey on the market for $7 FV cash, and remember that baby turkey is limited.

you know.. the baby turkey is the second animal that can transform after the ugly duckling that can transformed into swan. Well too bad we can’t keep the cute baby turkey forever 🙁

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