Farmville Back To School With Hiro Quest

By | September 7, 2014

Place Hiro’s Study Corner on your farm to start the farmville back to school with hiro quest so you can help Hiro pack his bag to go back to school, by collecting stationary pieces and give stationery kits to hiro and earn up to 50 presents
buying stationery kits will contribute to ! you can open your presents on september 19th

to craft Stationary Kit recipe you will need these bushels :
8 Crayon Blossom Bushels
4 Morning Glory Bushels
5 Sugar Cane

contribute to donorchoose.organd help hiro get ready to go back to school ! earn up to 50 presents !

For every crafted Stationary Kit, you will be granted 3 presents. You will also be able to post for Stationary Pieces every 6 hours from within the feature. But unlike the crafted apple pies, each of the posted for Stationary Pieces will only grant 1 present.

there’s also a new Crayon Blossom crop that you can harvest every 12 hours