FarmVille Bakery Crafting Cottages

By | June 9, 2010

FarmVille Bakery Crafting Cottages ! bakery is one of cottage that available on farmville for crafting cottages 🙂

farmville bakery building

bakery cottage – uses fruit and vegetable bushels to make pies and cake

how does bakery cottage works on farmville ?
first you will need some bushels to make crafted goods ! and use the crafting goods to super-charge your farmver 🙂


sneak peek at some of the recipes for bakery on farmville :
pumpkin bread bushels needed :
– pumpkins
– wheat

strawberry shortcake bushels needed :
– strawberries
– what

spicy muffins bushels needed :
– carrots
– peppers
– ghost chili

pattypan tart bushels needed :
– pattypan squash
– onion
– rice


if you sign up for this bakery cottage you can get Chef Gnome 🙂

so if you wonder how to get chef gnome on farmville you can get it from sign up for this bakery cottages.

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  • Kimberly

    How do I sign up to get the bakery? or spa or winery? please help me out. thanks

  • Sandra

    I wonder how to transform bushels in goods, in order to produce bakery items.

    Thank you for your time

  • Anke Wacker

    I want a bakery. How can I get it?

  • Devika panicker

    I did not get a master chef gnome even though i own a bakery ……… Please send me a gnome in my gift box asp.

  • Keith

    I can’t get to use my own wheat bushels in the bakery. They are in my market stall, and I have limited use to get other farmers bushels, so bakery stays idle. If I can produce my own wheat, since it’s used in all recipes, I should be able to access my own

  • Govind Sonaje

    How can I prepare a Good in Bakery? Sometime it shows Start & sometime it’s not. What to do?????

  • Govind Sonaje

    How can I get decorative materials?