Farmville Beat Haunted Hollow Quest

By | October 21, 2012

Complete haunted hallow tasks in farmville beat haunted hollow quest to get awesome prizes !

there are 4 task for this challenge and the final rewards are : Beat Haunted Hollow Statue and Haunted Hollow Shipping License

task 1 :
get the highest level monster in the monster lab
Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo

tips :
you need to unlock it by creating mega monkey and these serums :
6 Blue Monster Serum : chickenpire & monster hog
8 Green Monster Serum : frankensheep & horse costume cow
6 Orange Monster Serum : mummy duck & giant moth
10 Yellow Monster Serum : la chupacabra & mega monkey
8 Pink Monster Serum : fish cerature & lizard monster

task 2 :
achieve level 3 star master for these crops :
jack o’ lantern, zombie, tombstone, sage
ghoul garlic, green toadstool, spectre strawberry, wormwood
phantom frond, candied corn, franken fruit, wolfsbane
Rewards: Mystery Game Dart

task 3 :
complete haunted mansion to level 7
Rewards: Instagrow

task 4 :
have a 5 star potion shop
Rewards: Spooky Points