FarmVille Beehive

By | July 12, 2010

FarmVille Beehive is here tonight ! Farmers have been abuzz about wanting bees, so today FarmVille is proud to announce the arrival of Beehives !

bee hive pop up notification

what is beehive ? how to use beehive on farmville ?
well based on the farmville loading screen how beehive works this way : you will need to build a beehive then get a queenbee after that you can pollinate your crops for a better chance to find bushels !


Find what you need to get started in your gift box
beehive in farmville gift box

open your gift box and use the beehive on your farm, then you will need to start build beehive by collecting beehive materials 😛

congrats! you’ve started buildings a beehive ! Let your friends know so they can send you gifts ?

here are the beehive materials that you need to collect :
10 bees wax
10 smoker
10 nail
10 brick
10 wooden board

to find these materials you can ask your friends to send it to you from the free gifts tab, use the farmville beehive materials links to build bee hive faster 🙂

ask your friends for parts to build a beehive ! a completed beehive allows you to grow thriving honeybees which will produce pollinated crops !

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  • ashwin

    will we need 50 gifts to complete 1 floor in the beehive………????

  • Tanya

    have built my beehive, have 200 bees in it and it wont let me out in any more or buy another hive, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Emily

    i am having the same probelm as u Tanya did u ever get an answer?? this has been on my farm for over 4 days like this ????? :((((