Farmville Best When Batty Quest Help The Witch Sisters Prepare

By | October 28, 2012

Help the witch sisters prepare for halloween in farmville best when batty quest !

on this haunted hollow chapter 7 you must help lillian getting the haunted hollow farm ready for halloween celebration

new missions reward :
White Bat, Dark Jewel Tree, Tree Tower, Owl Bear, Seasons Tree, Crystal Ball Horse

walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Best When Batty Quest
Ask friends for 6 Frost Nectars
Harvest 175 Green Toadstools
Make Stink Bomb 3 Times

goal 2: Witchly Wealth Keeping Quest
Ask friends for 8 Witch Chests
Harvest 200 Spectre Berries
Make Invisibility Potion 3 Times

goal 3: Treetop Treating Quest
Ask friends for 8 Twilight Twigs
Harvest 225 Zombies
Make Fire Brew 3 Times

goal 4: Amalgawhat Quest
Ask friends for 8 Amalgums
Harvest 250 Sage
Make Lucky Charm 3 Times

goal 5: Happy Everything Quest
Ask friends for 9 Allseason Seeds
Harvest 250 Wormwood
Master White Bat to 1-Star

goal 6: Colt in Crystal Quest
Ask friends for 10 Witch’s Glues
Harvest 250 Sage
Make Werewolf’s Bane 2 Times

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