Farmville Big Picnic Baskets Guide

By | July 4, 2012

It’s time for farmville big picnic ! ask your friends for picnic baskets to bring fun to the big picnic and earn great prizes

Celebrate the arrival of summer with a picnic! Collect Picnic Baskets from your friends to improve the look and attendance of your picnic, and redeem the baskets for great, exclusive prizes.

place the big picnic and click the menu for :
Prizes you can earn by redeeming Picnic Baskets
A meter tracking your Picnic’s status
Ask for Help button to ask friends for more Baskets
Buy 20 Baskets button to purchase more baskets
Total count of Picnic Baskets in your inventory


rewards you can get :
Peeking Ducks – 15 basket
Zen Gnome – 20 basket
Giant Parasol Tree – 35 basket
White Ninja Sheep – 50 basket
Ghengis Cow – 75 basket
Nomadic Horse – 170 basket

The Big Picnic has six building stages. As you complete each of these stages, your Big Picnic will continue to grow more visually impressive and with more animal guests.
big-picnic big-picnic
To complete stages, simply collect Picnic Baskets. The Meter on the left of the Picnic’s Menu will increase to reflect the number of Baskets you have collected.

how to get picnic baskets in farmville :
– Ask for Help
Send requests for Baskets to any friend once every four hours
– Send Materials
Send Baskets to your Friends from the Free Gifts Page (applicable gifts are labeled “PICNIC BASKET”)
– Buy Materials
Buy Materials directly from the Market or Big Picnic’s Menu
– Earn in Quests
There will be quests in which you can earn a Picnic Basket each time you complete a stage of the quest
– Click in Feed
You can click on your friends’ feeds when they are sharing Baskets to get some for yourself!