FarmVille Biplane Instant Grow

By | June 4, 2010

FarmVille Biplane Instant Grow 🙂 Grow your crops instantly with a little help from above ! The farmville biplane has arrived

biplane on farmville vehicles market

Fly this plane to grow all your crops instantly by applying an eco-friendly mix ! Flying the plane costs Farm Cash, but your first flight is free !

The Biplane can be purchased from the “Vehicles” Tab in the Market for 30,000 coins and is unlocked at level 12.

farmville biplane

but if you want free bitplane on farmville, then you can do the new co-op peanut butter jelly ! because the peanut jelly gold reward is a bitplane 😀

what is farmville instant grow with biplane ?
Applying Instant Grow with the Biplane costs Farm Cash. The amount of Farm Cash you pay is dependent on how much time is left until your crops mature and how many seeded plots are on your farm.

After you first purchase your Biplane, you are entitled to one free application of Instant Grow. To use it, simply click on the Biplane and select “Apply Instant Grow”.
you will see the biplane animation flying around your farm and dropping some instant grow to your crops.

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  • fon

    ok its a game now they are trying to get real money from our pocket thats why i have started
    the new game COUNTRYLIFE its smarter and better looking with little animation
    i think FARMVILLE will lose many players soon… it will get money hungry game

  • Val

    So what if they want real money from ‘our’ pockets? You can either do it manually without the plane, or if you have enought FV cash, then use that. At the end of the day it is a free game, you don’t have to purchase the FV cash, as you can go through the whole game without spending a penny! They have put a lot of money and effort into this game, so whats the difference with buying a game in a shop, and just paying a few £/$ to get FV cash? They deserve every penny with the amount of effort they’ve put into this game. I am totally addicted to this game and have been playing it since last year, and I haven’t spent 1 penny, but I am very tempted to buy some FV cash as I don’t think it’s a waste because I used to buy every single The Sims game, and that was £40 for the first game then £20 a pop for every expansion pack and I had every one! If people have money to buy FV cash and they want to, then they should. No one is forcing you to buy it. It’s a free game, just gives you the option to buy more cash if you want to!


    first it says biplane fuel is a dollar FV cash and now it says it according to how far along your crops are…. what is up with that FARMTOWN is looking better and better !!!!!

  • michiej38

    I so agree. I keep getting charged double and no one bothers to answer ur complaints. Lots of us are talking about switching to Farmtown soon or maybe just go back to myspace.

  • mal

    people were really attracted for farmville,but its sad to see it changes into money targeted game..I’m agree with fon,yes as my experience i saw many FV fans withdrawing from the game & move into other games.

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  • CyberVegan

    Just do the Biplane co-op again and get another FREE application of Insta-Grow. 🙂 Peanuts are 16 hours and strawberries are 4 hours. Easy co-op – great payout!!

  • annamarie

    I have hundreds of seedlings and spent 40 which was all of my farmcash to use instant grow on them and it didn’t grow them. It just made my big trees ready to harvest. Which certainly wasn’t worth 40. Why don’t they tell you that it does not grow trees?