Farmville Black Kitten Cat

By | October 30, 2009

Farmville Black Kitten, a black cat ! New farmville lost animal farmville black cat ^_^ Soooooo cute!

wow, after the last lost animal turtle, now there’re 2 new animal in farmville :
owls and black kitten or cat ?(because it’s looks so big)

What do you harvest from black kitten / cat ?
we can harvest yarn for 86 coins in 3 days

Update : Apparently Zynga has gone for more realistic options for harvesting the black cat, instead of unrealistic harvesting and selling of yarn from the black cat, they decided to make it like it is for farmers in real life, which is being paid to brush the black cat.
so you can brush kitten and get 86 coins in 3 days 🙂

How to get black kitten / cat in farmville ?
well you can adopt turtle just like other lost animals you can see the guide in how to adopt lost animals in farmville

And the funny thing is, when you see a black kitten watch on the words :
lightchan found a sad, lonely black kitten on their farm. Oh no!
lightchan was farming when a sad, lonely black kitten wandered onto their farm in FarmVille. She’s been searching for her lost friend who likes to hide inside of Jack-O-Lanterns. She feels very sad and could use a new home and help finding her friend.

i think this black cat is special for the farmville halloween 🙂 remember Cat-O-Lanterns ?
i think Cat-O-Lanterns is came from the Jack-O-Lanterns + Black Kitten 😛

tadah.. sad, lonely black kitten is adopted in farm, look how happy the cat is 🙂 but seriously i think zynga shouldn’t call it kitten, kitten shouldn’t be that big. Thats a cat for sure… lolz
Miao.. miao.. miao.. i’m hungry now…
miao.. miao.. miao.. i want some…. miao ? 😛

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  • sammiiee

    it is definitely a black cat, i just adopted one and it says black cat 0% lol 😛 how long do they take to finish and what do you get from them x

    • admin

      it take 3 days to harvest, maybe a fur ball ? lolz

  • John

    Milk or kittens!

  • unknown

    i think she has kittens, you sell them :S lol

  • Ciara

    i have 2 black cats. when one is finished, ill see if i can tell you what it harvests

    • admin

      thanks, i’ll be waiting 🙂

  • Tom

    i adopted two today and im waiting to see what u can get

  • unknown

    hi, this subject has nothing to do with the black cat and my question is comparing the difference between horses and diary farm .. which is better ? i have like 50 horses i don’t have space and im thinking of selling them and put instead like 4 or 5 diary farms .. please any one answer and tell me which is better (having everyday 160*2 money from the diary or every three days having 84 money from 35 horses .. ? thanks

    • admin

      well for me i think if you don’t have enough space you should buy the dairy farm 🙂

  • Hannah

    You can only harvest from dairy farms if you have the cows to fill them with, you didn’t say if you do…

    • admin

      oh sorry, i thought he knew about that 🙁

  • zack

    the cat has yarn

    • admin

      wow, that’s fast 😀 thanks a lot zack 🙂

      @liam : thanks liam, you can upload in image hosting and show us the url. But don’t worry my cat already 100% too and i’m taking a picture 🙂

  • liam

    Yep it leaves yarn how do i upload a picture to show

  • jojo

    haha i got one and it is realy cute!

  • Ann Lopez

    i got the cat

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