Farmville Bloom Garden Guide Mystery Bulb

By | June 20, 2012

Grow bulbs into beautiful blooms with farmville bloom garden ! build a blooming garden to grow blooms and find more bulbs for you and your friends !

Love Flowers? Create the ultimate flower experience with Flower Garden!!! Grow, harvest and master all new Blooms!

here are the official guide from farmville forum :

reduce the harvest time and harvest for coins, mastery and a chance to find more bulbs ! place a free bloom garden on your farm now !
to complete you need to collect these material parts :
flower tie
garden edging

All of these Parts can be received as free gifts from your Neighbors or purchased for Farm Cash. The Flower Garden has three building stages. As you complete each of these stages, your Flower Garden will increase the number of Blooms it can hold.
stage 1 : 20 blooms
stage 2 : 30 blooms
stage 3 : 40 blooms

my bloom garden
When you have completed at least the first stage to Flower Garden, you’ll immediately see the BLOOM tab, which displays all of the types of Blooms.
Each column represents the type of Bloom. In the image, Damask Rose is illustrated on the left column, Fire Weed is the center column and Orange Tulip is the right column.

You will always see Full Blooms to be displayed in the front row, while the Single Blooms are located in the back row. Anything greyed out represents a Bloom you currently don’t have. If a flower tickles your fancy, mouse over the flower. You will be given an option to buy the flower on the Market.

The Flower Garden can hold up the 40 Blooms and can be harvested every 24 hours. Remember that if you put your Single Blooms in here, they will never wither.

what is farmville mystery bulb ?
Mystery Bulbs are produced when you harvest Single and Full Blooms. They secret bulbs will grow to be Single Blooms too. To grow the Mystery Bulb, you will need Flower Food. After feeding the Mystery Bulb 5 Flower Food, the bulb will grow to be a Single Bloom.

what are blooms in farmville ?
Blooms are a new type of seeds on FarmVille. They are not flower crops or trees. This is a new line of Limited Edition seed with master ability.

If you head to the Market, click on the Seeds & Trees tab. When you look at the sub tabs, there’s a new section called Blooms. This is the new section that houses the new Blooms.

NOTE: Bloom seeds are called Bulbs.

There are 2 types of blooms :
farmville single bloom
Single Blooms are full grown flowers that grow up to be a single stemmed flower. You can find these flowers in the Market. Use Flower Food to grow them. You can also find these flowers by clicking on Feeds that give out Mystery Blubs (bulbs are equivalent of mystery seedlings). These beautiful single blooms take several days to grow and will wither if they are not harvested after 7 days. If your single blooms wither, use Flower Food to regrow the Single Bloom. However if you have an unwither ring on your farm, your Single Bloom will not wither. If you place this type of flower in the Flower Garden, they will not wither! You can also upgrade Single Blooms to Full Blooms with Farm Cash too.

farmville full bloom
Full Blooms are exclusive full grown flowers that grow to be beautiful bunch of flowers. Not only are they pretty, but this type of bloom do now wither. They also give double mastery! And last but not least, Full Blooms have a higher chance of producing a bulb to share with your friends. So be the talk of the town and share bulbs with friends.

Mastering Blooms in Farmville :
Harvesting a Single and a Full Bloom of the same type of flower will accrue one mastery. For example, if you have a Single Pink Boat Orchid Bloom and a Full Pink Boat Orchid Bloom, harvesting both will help master Pink Boat Orchids. Single Blooms and Full Blooms do NOT have their own mastery sign.

If you have a lot of Blooms around your farm and you don’t want to click on every single Bloom to harvest them, use Gardener. It is similar to Arborist that helps harvest all your tress, so Gardener will harvest Blooms outside of your Flower Garden.

If you don’t want to wait for your flowers to bloom, use an Instant Grow. You can find this option when you click on a flower.

These Bloom flowers are available in Single and Full Bloom.
Pink Boat Orchid
Pink Gladiolas
Soho Oriental Poppy
Tiger Lily
Damask Rose
White Daises
Organge Tulip
Purple Carnation
Fire Sunflower
Purple Petunias
Pink Fireweed

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