FarmVille Boer Goat

By | April 15, 2010

FarmVille Boer Goat ! a new adoptable animal on farmville 🙂

boer goat on farmville

it’s quite a long time for new lost animal in farmville 😛 finally we have something new here !

How do you get boer goat on farmville ?
to get boer goat you must look for this lost animal on your friends wall, and when you find one.. click adopt 🙂 more info you can read how to adopt lost animal in farmville

sometimes this boer goat will appear randomly on your farms, you will see this pop up
a lost, lonely boer goat wandered onto your farm looking for a place to stay. Will you ask your friends to find him a home ?

you can click help goat, and it will post onto your wall
xxx found a sad boer goat on their farm. Oh no!
xxx was farming when a sad boer goat wandered onto their farm in farmville. The poor goat ran away from his old home because the other goats made fun of him. He feels very sad and could use some friends and a new home.

When one of your friends click adopt boer goat they will see this pop up in their farm
You adopted the boer goat ! would you like give him a home now ?

find the boer goat in your gift box and put it on the farm 🙂

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  • BH

    I just got one!!!