FarmVille Bot Cheat

By | November 2, 2009

FarmVille Bot Cheat. Well I found 2 programs that will help you plant seed faster
FarmVille Magic Tools
FarmVille Clicker

For FarmVille Magic Tools you must use Flash Player 9 to work 🙂

Here’s the Steps:
1. Go into farmville
2. Open Farmville magic tools 1.2 (download link above)
3. Click NO
4. Drag the cow in the magic tools over the farmville game window
5. The 3 greyed out buttons will now be clickable after it detects the game
6. Zoom out your farm to the smallest so that every plot of land can be seen
7. Click on any of the 3 buttons to start the autoclick. It’s fast and good.
Note: Some error with the harvest tool, plow and plant works perfectly fine.

Credits: infinitehax

and for FarmVille Clicker
Just simply measure how big is your farm plots and enter the number into the auto clicker.
Click S to active the cheats and Q to exit

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  • jhay

    what d fu** it really works…thank u..much!

  • Samuel

    Is there a mac version

  • devesh

    hi i got 66 fv cash on my farm after leaving it for a while
    i do not know how but i am lucky

  • Krishal

    It keeps Saying “Farmville Not found” but its there ?? aw

  • Calvin

    Hey Which One Is The Better One?

  • melissa

    i cant get magictools to work. i drag the cow over, click the button, and nothing happens

  • kimmie

    i need one that works for mac

  • Jim

    magictools has an issue finding farmville on the best way is to log into facebook and then type in and magictools works there no issue. other than that. it will work on facebook if you load the program and then refresh your farmville page. then drag the cow over it. most always works then. but even clicker programs can’t view all of your farm when you have the larger farms. especially the 22×22, even in full screen mode. possibly unless you’re using a 40in. tv.

  • |\/|z

    wow, thanx, it does work, ty x ^
    does it also give ^
    you farm ville cash?? someone said it does above ^

  • ariel

    wow its not work to me how we get more money plzzz

  • merylle

    thankyou . .
    it really work!!

  • mechanicarts

    Guys, both work and are tested. The only thing is, both the “eye” (quality) button, and the Market icon must be visible for the program to work. Else, the game is not displayed at full and therefore for the bots, “it doesn’t exist”. Your best bet is to put your browser (NOT THE GAME, FARMVILLE) on fullscreen and scroll to put the game rectangle in the middle of the window.

  • margie

    do any of these work with mac?

  • Vallllllle

    Does it work with adobe flash player 10, too?

  • george

    hey samuel if you are still looking for a mac farmville bot then check the link above. it works and i think they still support it. helps out a lot…

  • candy

    oh my!!!this really works,,thank you for sharing it!

  • dambia

    how do i get farmbot?

  • Rachel

    How do i download this?