Farmville Bride of Duckula Guide

By | October 24, 2012

Help duckula prepare for his bride’s awakening in farmville bride of duckula ! get started by collecting supplies and get a fantastic prize like the Werewolf Violinist and Cthulhu Butler !

My bride and i love valtzing, could you help us get some sheet music for the wedding

here are the rewards you can get for each challenge :

bride of duckula guide :

stage 1 : Frankencat
get the following items :
6 Dusty Duster (post to feed or pay 2 FC for each item)
6 Insta Cobweb (post to feed or pay 2 FC for each item)
8 Moldy Sponge

stage 2 : Dark Candle Tree
Get 8 Dark Candles to set the mood

stage 3 : Invisible Maid Gnome
Get 5 friends to help set up for the arrival of Duckula’s Bride

stage 4 : Dark Rose Tree
Get the following items:
6 Parchment
6 Box of Chocolates
10 Dark Roses

stage 5 : Duckula’s Banquet Table
Get 6 friends to help serve food for Duckula’s Bride

stage 6 : Cthulhu Butler
Get the following items:
7 Tomato Juice
7 Grass Souffles
12 Gummy-Worm Stews

stage 7 : Werewolf Violinist
Get 8 pages of Sheet Music for the violinist to play

stage 8 : Bride of Duckula
Get the following items:
8 Vines
8 Dry Leaves
14 Trunks

stage 9 : Spectral Horse
Get 12 Spectral Apples