FarmVille Bull

By | December 10, 2009

FarmVille Bull ! Finally a new lost animal added on farmville. However, these lonely bulls aren’t like any other adoptable animal you’ve seen so far.


After adopting a Lonely Bull, he can be kept on your farm like a normal animal, or he can be placed in your Dairy Farm!

When you place a Lonely Bull in your Dairy Farm with other Cows, you have a chance of receiving a Baby Calf when collecting milk from your Dairy Farm!

The more Cows you have in your Dairy Farm, the higher your chance is of receiving a Baby Calf!

The color of the Baby Calf you receive is also determined by the color of the cows contained in your Dairy Farm when you collect milk. Hmm.. just another colored animal 😛

For example, if you have 15 Green Cows, you have a higher chance of receiving a Green Baby Calf when collecting Milk!

How to get lonely bull in farmville ?
just like other lost animals, you can get lonely bull in facebook news feeds. Read the guide how to adopt lost animals in farmville.

What do you harvest from lonely bull ?
you can brush bull for 80 coins in 1 day =)

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  • tazastar

    do you have a link for a bull that you could send me because i haven’t got a bull yet 🙁

  • leicthweis

    what is the baby pink calf about? I got one from someone else’s farm is that the result of the above said bull and a pink cow?

  • abdullah

    bull lu çok istiyorum

  • Shhhh_its_a_secret

    I really wanna dairy farm/bull

  • i have 2 bulls. i have had them for at least 3 months (or it seems like it =P ) and nothing has happened. and, yeshhh they are in the dairy farm.