Farmville Bunny Hutch Parts Links

By | February 18, 2012

Though it’s not easter but there will be a new farmville bunny hutch ! where you can build with parts 🙂

you can put 6 new bunny inside this building :
blue lily bunny, gold floppy bunny, pink loppy bunny, purple puffy bunny, white daisy bunny and yellow chubby bunny

baby bunnies in the hutch lay bunny eggs that you can share and collect from your friends ! look out for golden eggs, they give special prizes !
1. collect bunnies from your neighbor’s feeds
2. fill your hutch with bunnies
3. harvest your hutch and share eggs with friends
4. each egg can produce a rare bunny

here are the request links for each part :
baby carrot bunch link – wood block link – hutch wire
baby-carrot-bunch-link wood-block-link hutch-wire-link

to upgrade material links :
branch-ball-link bunny-bed-link bunny-tunnel-link
branch ball link – bunny bed link – bunny tunnel link