Farmville Buried Treasure and Sea Treasure Parts Links

By | March 7, 2012

Dig up Farmville Buried Treasure in hawaiian paradise and find some sea treasure too !

you can find 2 treasures : on land and sea from hawaiian paradise , just like frozen presents in winter wonderland you need to collect some “parts” to unlock it : crowbars fur buried treasures and fishing nets for sea treasures.

Buried Treasure Requirements:
Small Buried Treasure – Need 10 Small Crowbars
Medium Buried Treasure – Need 28 Small Crowbars
Large Buried Treasure – Need 50 Large Crowbars
Extra Large Buried Treasure – Need 85 Large Crowbars

parts request links
small-crowbar large-crowbar
small crowbar link – large crowbar link

Sea Treasure Requirements:
Small Sea Treasure – Need 10 Small Fishing Nets
Medium Sea Treasure – Need 28 Small Fishing Nets
Large Sea Treasure – Need 50 Large Fishing Nets
Extra Large Sea Treasure – Need 85 Large Fishing Nets

materials request links
small-fishing-net large-fishing-net
small fishing net link – large fishing net link

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