FarmVille Care Package Special Surprise

By | April 16, 2010

FarmVille Care Package Special Surprisebonus package ? Another way from farmville so we won’t forget farmville when we’re away for 1 week

Special Bonus Package on farmville

In the farmville forum the FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious said :
If you have not visited FarmVille for 7 days and have allowed us access to a valid email account, make sure to check your email for a special surprise from the FarmVille Team!

what special surprise do you get for care package on farmville ? anyone want to try this ? πŸ˜›
Probably none of us will ever find out, 7 days without visiting farmville… can you do that ?

maybe we will get unwither spray or ring ? please not another carrier pigeons πŸ™

Update : thx to Jessica
here’s what we can get from farmville bonus package :
1 can of fuel + 3 FV cash + 1 unwither

and we can choose one of the following as a bonus :
10 stable parts or 3 puppy kibble or 10 spring eggs

the limit for bonus package is 1 It seems that this offer is limited to 1 per farmer.

How do u get a bonus package ?
you can get it from your friends who not visited FarmVille for 7 days, then they can send it to you, if you get one then you can send it to others too…

β€œHere’s a special bonus package with fuel, farm cash, and other goodies. Come claim it now!”.

care package gift

so if you want the bonus pack – care package special surprise on farmville then leave your farm for 7 days and look for email from farmville πŸ˜€

but if you love farmville and can’t leave it for a day you can use the farmville care package link

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  • Jessica

    I just got one sent to me. Turns out whoever hasn’t been on, can send care packages to their friends, and in turn, their friends can send packages, etc. It included 1 unwither, 1 fuel refill, 3 farmville cash, and your choice of 10 spring eggs, 10 stable materials, and a few other things i can’t remember.

  • Greta

    One per farmer..i was sent two and when i tried to use the second one, it just took me straight to the my farm…that sucks!!!

  • zainab

    can u open more than 1 bonus packs a day?

  • stacey

    πŸ™ but once you’ve had there any way you can get more??

  • justin

    how do you send these to people

  • shelle

    its onecare package every seven days so tey again on sunday lol :0)

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  • Jomy

    HEY tEAM …superb ,,,,, Just rocking & amazing ….Hats off to you team …….

    Would lik eto get more gets and interesting item for the farm to be upgraded