Farmville Castleville Instant Grow

By | November 18, 2011

New cross promotion with zynga games on facebook farmville castleville instant grow ! where you must reach level 5 in castleville and receive 5 instant grow for free !

though slowly rolled out.. some players already got this item from playing castleville heading to lv 5+ then back to farmville, and they said this instant grows is only for crops so it won’t work for trees

you’ll see this pop up in farmville : x5 free farm aides
just try to finish some castleville quests, it’ll rewarded you some XP to level up 🙂

and if you want to know other ways how to reach level 5 faster, you can see this tips : how to level up faster in castleville

you will see this sign on your farm soon, if you click castleville billboard it’ll bring castleville up

there’s also castleville unwither coming up later 🙂

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  • Davy Wavy

    I never got my instant grow after reaching level 5. 🙁 Why? Should I be able to find it in my gift box? Thanks:)

  • Kathy McMeans

    I reached level 5 and even went on to level 7 and I did not receive 5 instant grow for Castleville Never do get things that are promised